It’s our most popular, it brings out the best in portraits, wedding shots, or when you’re looking to add a “pop” of great depth and color to any photo. The glossy surface is a great choice if you want the colors in your photo to stay true to the original image file. If in doubt, choose the white, you can’t go wrong with it.


Our clear aluminum surface adds a fascinating semi transparent look to all colors. Whites become metallic silver, while all other colors and details shine with a new metallic life. The silver surface shines in unique ways as light hits and reflects off its glossy smooth surface at different angles.
Keep in mind that if you are looking for white and other light colors and details to show, do not choose the clear surface.


Our white matte surface has a flat look with less depth of saturated color compared to our white glossy surface. You can still bring out the best in portraits, wedding shots or any photo where you want a flat-toned glare free look, a bit like a canvas.